Taking matters into our hands.

Toddler boy is lifting Pokka Kids dye free GOTS certified organic cotton blanket while wearing sleeveless baby bodysuit
( Baby T is all recovered from his eczema now. )

When our son began to suffer from eczema, my husband and I decided to create baby clothing that was as natural as possible – “baby’s second skin” – thoughtfully crafted clothing that would not be harmful to our children and to our environment.

We decided to use 100% cotton gauze, which is unusual for baby garments since it does not stretch very much. But compared to knitted fabrics (or even other woven fabrics such as muslin), cotton gauze is thinner for better breathability, which can help ease developing eczema. Cotton gauze also produces virtually no lint, which can help against developing respiratory problems. Making our bodysuit was very difficult due to the nature of gauze fabric but we did not waver because we wanted to do it correctly.

During New Zealand trip, Pokka Kids’ co-founder realized everyone has to do his or her part to protect the planet earth
(Soo, Co-Founder of Pokka Kids)

We wanted to make our products using only 100% organic cotton. Eventually, we decided to use only GOTS certified organic cotton since it was impossible to verify the authenticity of many of the cotton labeled as “organic.” GOTS certification also ensures that we are doing our best to protect the environment and support socially responsible manufacturing, given their strict environmental and social standards along the entire textile supply chain.

All of our products are either dye-free (ALL NATURAL WITHOUT ANY DYES) or made with AZO free dyes. AZO dyes release chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic and can be easily absorbed through the skin or saliva. This is especially important for babies since they have very sensitive skin that is still developing and tend to put everything in their mouths.

During New Zealand trip, Pokka Kids’ co-founder realized everyone has to do his or her part to protect the planet earth
(Chang, Co-Founder of Pokka Kids)

We avoided putting any type of chemical screen prints on our garments. Instead, our fabric is jacquard, which means the design patterns are sewn directly onto the fabric and not printed on the garment.

We pushed very hard to have “French seams” (no raw edges) in the lining, despite more than doubling the time and cost involved. All labels were removed from the inside lining. We used only nickel free snaps and made our external labels as small as 0.7″ in 100% organic cotton. Even the elastic used inside our mittens are 100% organic.

All designed to avoid any elements that could irritate the skin.

GOTS organic dye free baby mittens and hanky gift set ready to be sent out to baby with skin eczema
(Pokka Kids One of a Kind DYE FREE certified organic baby collection)

We pushed to make our products locally to monitor the quality of our production closely. We knocked on every possible door in New York City. After a long search, we finally found a top notch clothing maker that we trusted to make our products.

Creating Pokka Kids took a lot of courage and conviction.

… Just like becoming a parent.